Data in Action: A Data Innovator Profile Series

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We are proud to announce an exciting new series on Research Access called “Data in Action.” We will be profiling 12 of the most inspiring data innovators across diverse fields. Over the course of three months we will be publishing profiles of leaders in the use of data in business. The series will be convened […]

7 Tips for How to Give a Presentation with Data

How to Give a Presentation with Data

Here are some suggestions for you to consider when you’re preparing to give a presentation that includes data. It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting to your company’s management, to clients, to industry colleagues at a conference – ultimately most people process data in a similar way. Subordinate the data to the story. When you’re describing […]

My Data Visualization Wish List

My Data Visualization Wish List

This is the time of year when many children make their holiday wish lists. Now that I’m a grown-up, my wish lists look a bit different. For instance, I have a data visualization wish list. You see, I’m both a market researcher and a marketer. So I like data, and I like shiny objects. Hence I […]

Data Lovers Unite!


When a wild dog is threatened, its pack members fiercely rally behind it and rip the enemy to shreds. So what happens in the case of a data nerd? Do his or her fellow number-crunchers take out their slide rules, circle around the challenger and assume the attack position? One of our own is being […]

Lessons from the Emory University Data Scandal

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Editor’s Note: As summer winds down, Research Access will be getting you ready to go “back to school” with two weeks of posts on the topic of education. Between August 20 and 31 we will be doing a series of posts that will have you ready to put on those new clothes, pack your lunch box […]

Personal Analytics: Cool or Creepy?

Personal Analysis

In this Sunday’s Boston Globe I read an interesting piece called “Stephen Wolfram’s Personal Analytics.” You may know Wolfram as the creator of “computational knowledge engine” Wolfram Alpha,  He is also the creator of Mathematica software and the author of  A New Kind of Science. The Globe piece takes a look at a recent Wolfram blog […]

A Primer on the 4 Data Types You Can Collect in Your Market Research


Making a business research questionnaire is no big deal, but making one that successfully derives the information that is actually required by the business to improve its practices is something not every person can do. One of the things that help make an online survey more effective is the understanding of the different types of […]

Meet the Data Triplets: Data, Metadata and Paradata


There are three sorts of data, and very often you need all three to understand and use the data you collect from your survey. Here are the three sorts: 1. The Data. The data is the data, that is the actually numbers, codes or open ended text that the respondent enters into the survey. There […]

What is data science?

Hal Varian’s quote “The ability to take data — to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it — that’s going to be a hugely important skill in the next decade” is the topic from this articulate post  at O’Reilly Radar. It examines the many […]