Businesses Are Investing Heavily in Big Data Analytics

big data analytics

New research shows businesses are investing heavily in Big Data Analytics; uncovers the pains of last-generation analytics tools.  Study findings reveal 96% of executives believe big data analytics is critical to business strategy; uncover ‘Fake Big Data’ problem among other issues. Big data is more than a buzzword, as proven by how fast organizations are […]

The Changing Nature of Who Produces and Owns Data as It Impacts Survey Research

Technicians assembling circuit boards in manufacturing plant

Survey researchers have become interested in big data because it offers potential solutions to problems we’re experiencing with traditional methods. Much of the focus so far has been on social media (e.g., Tweets), but sensors (wearable tech) and the Internet of things (IoT) are producing an increasingly rich, complex, and massive source of data. These […]

Big Data Accuracy Before Insights

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A friend’s recent Facebook post really resonated with me. “Why does United Airlines bother sending me emails telling me I can go this weekend to Moline, IL for a mere $271? or to Saskatoon for $351? Really? Does that sound like a good deal to them? Have I ever shown the least bit of interest […]

Analytics for Everyone: Amazon Does It Again with Redshift for Big Data


Amazon has done it again – this time in the world of analytics. Many of us are used to reading about Amazon at this time of year, with specials and good deals on free shipping. But there’s something bigger – much bigger – going on at Amazon this year. The company that started by revolutionizing the […]

QuestionPro Launches Infographic Engine

QPro Infographic

The phrase “big data” is everywhere these days. Every other blog post I read or article I see online is touting how important big data is. Truth be told, I do agree that we live in an era where data is more important than ever, but I have to wonder, what good is data if […]

Big Data and Market Research

Big Data

Survey Analytics President and Research Access contributor Andrew Jeavons gave a talk about Big Data and Market Research on Tuesday, November 6th to the  Northwest Chapter of the Marketing Research Association. Courtesy of Andrew and the Northwest MRA, here is a video of his presentation and the associated slides. Enjoy!

Big Data Marketing Fail: Someone Tell LinkedIn I’m Not a Chick

The Offending Ad

I’m as big a fan as the next guy of using the power of big data for targeting advertising messages. Maybe why that’s annoyed that I keep getting a mis-targeted ad on my LinkedIn profile. Here’s a screen shot of the “Ads by LinkedIn Members” section of my LinkedIn page: You’ve probably guessed, it’s the […]

Data Artists

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If the world were clear, art would not exist. – Albert Camus There’s an interesting thought piece by John Koetsier over on VentureBeat, a rumination on the emerging “data scientist” profession. Koetsier has an intriguing take on this trend. Citing Bill Franks, author of Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave, he suggests a new term […]

[VIDEO] Taming Big Data with Adobe

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This video was taken today at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara, California. My guest was Chris Wareham, who heads product management for Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, the heir to Omniture. I caught up with Chris just after his talk at the conference, which was entitled “How Marketing-Focused Technology Can Tame Big Data.”

Canaries in a Data Mine


Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are united in one respect – together they are making history. Data history, that is. The two major-party campaigns for the U.S. Presidency this year are the proverbial canaries in a coal mine – canaries in a data mine, if you will – of our big data future. Charles Duhigg […]