Who’s Footing the Spring Break Bill?

A survey conducted with Campus Universe – qSample’s College Student panel,  revealed that only 26% of college students had a full time job during the academic year. 30% of students surveyed indicated they had a part time job, while 42% claimed that they did not work at all.

Yet, every single year, more than 1.5 million students go on spring break and collectively spend over one billion dollars. Panama Beach, Florida is the #1 domestic spring break destination, with an attendance of over 592,000 students recorded in 2013. South Padre Island, Texas is the second largest domestic Spring Break destination, with an attendance of 225,000 students reported in 2013.

During the month of March, the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Panama City Beach is the highest grossing Wal-Mart throughout the nation.  Spring breakers are also responsible for contributing to the popularity of the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, as each year it reaches 250,000+ students between in-room, pool deck parties and their daily beach front activations during the month of March.

The survey also revealed that when returning home from their vacations, a large majority of college students intends to stay with their parents. Over 31% of students surveyed by qSample noted that they lived with their parents during the previous school year.


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