Infographic of the Week: Dogs vs. Cats, The Great Debate

Are you a dog person or cat person? It’s a never ending debate that’s somehow manages to always turn into a heated conversation topic. Dogs and cats are certainly perceived very differently, and we all know cat people think they’re smarter than dog people, and dog lovers feel as if they are more extroverted than those “crazy cat ladies”, but what’s the data behind it all?

Freshpet created a video on the topic, making the rounds and testing which pet is better at being the cutest, being the best third wheel, and excelling at being the best hipster.

As you can see from the video, it’s more than who is smarter or more out-going. Try to answer some of these questions to better help you pick a side:

Do you like puns or impressions? Or if you consider yourself to be “fashion-conscious” or “fashion-challenged”? Take a look at our latest Infographic of the Week to find out which pet correlates to these personality characteristics – you might even be surprised at the results.

Pet Infographic Final Final (3)

So, which is it? Are you dog person or cat person? Let us know with the hashtag #catsvsdogs! And make sure to tag us on your social media!

If you want to stay with us and keep going, check out one of our Slideshares on the topic, and take a look into the amazing world of pets and their owners.

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