Infographic of the Week: The Power of Consumer Control

Every week we like to break away from the craziness that is life for a minute and take a deep breath. Why don’t you try it with us? Ready?


Great! Now that you’re relaxed, how about checking out our Infographic of The Week. Are you an Avengers fan? Obsessed with Thor? So are we, and today he’s helping us take a look into the idea of free will and the Psychology of The American Consumer with his all mighty hammer. We’ve got some great data presented in our infographic that we know you’ll enjoy. Are you aware subtle modifications in brand marketing can sway decision making? Content writing, labeling, and standing for something are all very important techniques your brand needs to control, but don’t worry, we break it down for you. Get all the tips you need to take over and rule the consumer world with our Infographic of the Week.

Power of Consumer Influence (Final) - Copy

Want more? We thought we’d share our qSample team so you see we are human beings, not some well-oiled data gathering robots. Cartoon renderings are brought to you by qSample’s Senior Account Executive Maryana Stepanova – enjoy!

Rudly Raphael
Miguel Conner
Marketing Director
Maryana Stepanova
Senior Account Executive
Connor Duffey
Director of Business Development
Melanie Papandrea
Assistant Marketing Director

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