Infographic of the Week: Boomers Are Embracing The Environment

100,500 words. 34 gigabytes.

That’s the amount of information we consume outside of work on an average day. From that, users only read about 28% of words per visit. Sounds exhausting, right? Well it’s the weekend, so don’t worry, this post is all about infographics.

Infographics change the way analytics are communicated, and qSample is on board. The trendy offspring of the old school PowerPoint image – infographics are the new way to share data and transform it into information by using clever and eye-catching, engaging visuals.

The below infographics are only a couple of our newest, based on proprietary research conducted by qSample. The first highlights the 4 senses of buying decisions, pulled from qSample’s own Director of Business Development, Connor Duffey’s article, How Much Control Do We Really Have Over What We Buy? How much free will do you think you really have? Take a look below.

4 Senses of Buying Decisions (3) (1)

The second is all about one of our specialty niche panels – Baby Boomers. Our research has gained insights into the values and opinions of the largest, most affluent generation in America, identifying important characteristics of the Baby Boomer generation, including their the desire to go green. The right research can make the difference between success and failure for your company in this marketplace.

Baby Boomers Go Green (1) Final

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