Video: Mobile vs Online Research (which one is best for you?)

We take a break from our regularly-scheduled weekly infographic to bring you a breaking video. Or more like a video that might make or break your market research in these evolving digital times. As I’ve mentioned before, online research has become the preferred method of analysis for the marketing industry. The rise of mobile technology offers yet one more dimension for market researchers.

Smartphones make up 67 % of the mobile market and 41% of  research suppliers already utilize mobile surveys. The future may not be exactly now, but it’s getting very now, so understanding the advantages and disadvantages of mobile surveys is imperative.

One of qSample’s specialties is mobile research. We’ve partnered with such companies as Microsoft to execute leading mobile research projects. Since that puts us ahead of the proverbial curve, we enjoy sharing our experiences and insights to assist others in market research.

As always, we hope this continues to assist you:

If you get a chance, please visit our YouTube Channel. Dr. Who, Bladerunner, The Matrix and Matthew McConaughey all endorse…okay, they sorta make an appearance. Regardless, the channel is ripe with data on all things market research and more.


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