Top 5 Healthcare Trends Impacting Market Research in 2017

The healthcare industry is always evolving based on changes in the public landscape. The sensitivity to consumers’ needs and perceptions is quintessential to the success of new develops in healthcare. The new year introduces a new set of trending topics that yearn to be explored through market research. Therefore we have compiled the top five trends that will impact market research strategies in 2017.

1.Emerging Technologies

As emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and drones become more common, the healthcare industry will be adopting these new technologies. These developments will have a direct impact on business models, operations, and cybersecurity. Healthcare organizations will have an increased need to understand the outcomes and potential risks that these emerging technologies will have on their operations and consequently their patients. In order to target this new business venture, market researchers need to employ strategies that will directly answer the implications of these new technologies.

2. Nutrition and Population Health

Health organizations are now focusing on nutrition as a way to prevent costly medical problems and improve the overall health of the population. The start of a new year presents an opportunity for individuals to get back in shape and an avenue for healthcare organizations to fuel innovation in the nutrition sector. Market researchers have another avenue to focus on healthcare providers’ perception and promotion of new methods and practices among individuals. The research that is conducted on this topic will need to be creative and induce innovative ways to find solutions to the matter at hand.

3.Consumer Skepticism and the Rise in Non-Traditional Methods

Consumers are having an increased lack of trust in traditional health system due to the more side effects and potentially toxic ingredients found in traditional methods. The increase competition and lack of trust from consumers have encouraged healthcare organizations to provide high-quality services that meet consumers demands.

This new trend associated with lack of consumer trust and increase use of non-traditional methods is a profitable avenue to adjust market research strategies and target those organizations looking to increase their brand loyalty. A good way to approach this trend is by providing healthcare organizations research objectives that will provide a solution to increase consumers’ trust.

4.Patient-Centric Health Systems

There has been a shift from fragmented health care models to integrated approaches. Now organizations, communities, and social care providers have united their efforts to provide integrated services to patients.

In order to provide integrated services, healthcare organizations need to create sustainable business models and integrate technologies that enhance interconnectivity. This is another avenue where  organizations can change their existing market research strategies and provide a methodology that will allow potential clients to find solutions to their business needs.

5.Aging Population

The increase of technological advances have provided means to increase life expectancy across the globe. As generations grow older, long-term care and chronic diseases services will be in higher demand. Research is necessary in order to understand the implications and needs of this aging population. Therefore, this presents an excellent opportunity to adjust market research strategies that will increase the knowledge base of the Baby Boomer population.

In sum, the healthcare industry will see a great amount of changes in 2017, with the emerge of new technologies, innovations, and transformative business models. The new trends in the healthcare industry will provide several opportunities for market researchers to explore the professional and public perception in regards to these developments and trends. Market research conducted with research panels will provide ample insights that can propel and refine new findings within the healthcare industry.

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