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Going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup? It’s Going to Cost You!

According to the U.S. consulate in Rio, more than 187,000 tickets have been purchased by American credit cards and 80,000 U.S. visitors are expected to attend the Cup.

In the infographic below we break down a few of the costs Americans can expect to spend if they’re planning to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup in just one week. Would you be willing to pay the price?

FIFA World Cup

Infographic on travel costs for FIFA 2014

Choosing The Right Paint Color For The Right Room


The number of people planning to take on home improvement and decorating projects this year has increased by more than 12 percent from this time last year.

More people are fixing up their homes with the intent to live in them longer than ever before. For most homeowners, they are simply starting with the color of paint on their walls.

Paint has the power to transform a room.

Understanding the power of color flow allows homeowners to create both a beautiful and harmonious living atmosphere. The colors that you choose to put on your walls affect your mood and perception, so choosing the right color for the right room is essential.

For bedrooms, it is best to stay away from high-energy colors like deep red or bright green. Bedrooms are a place for relaxation so more calming colors like blue and grey are often more suitable.

We suggest “Kyrpton” from Sherwin-Williams.

Yellow is a great color for kitchens because it is friendly and welcoming, yet not too loud or disturbing. Yellow is also known to complement most times of kitchen cabinetries.

Red is frequently used in kitchens because that is a color known to cause hunger. So if you’re going on a diet, we wouldn’t recommend painting your kitchen or dining room any shade of red.

We suggest “Canary Song” from Glidden Paint.

Neutral colors that reflect well on skin tones are great for bathrooms. It’s also important to choose colors that give off a clean and refreshing feeling.

We suggest “Manchester Tan” from Benjamin Moore.

Home Office-
If you google “the most productive color” the results will show that blue is the answer. Blue is a color that is known to stimulate the mind and increase focus, which makes it a great color for painting a home office.

We suggest “Sea Rover” from Behr.

Living Room-
Using dark tones in a living room can create a warm and cozy feel. Stay away from over stimulating colors like red or bright yellow, because a living room is meant to be a place of relaxation.

We suggest “Sea Wave” from Valspar.

Remember, the paint on your walls sets the tone for the room. What tone are you trying to set?

Why Are We Paying for 200 Channels When We Only Watch 17?

According to a preliminary study by Nielesen, on average, Americans only watch 17 TV channels out of the 200 that are typically available. Since this is considerably less than most of us pay for, qSample decided to take an extensive look into how and why we watch what we do.

To better understand their TV viewing habits, we conducted a survey with more than 300 cable subscribers, gauging their perception, attitude, and preferences. The survey was fielded during the first week of May, and the results showed that 69% of subscribers watch more than three hours of TV each day, with 20% tuning in for seven or more hours. While it’s no surprise that the majority of viewers use their television set, a good number (10%) of cable subscribers are using their desktops and tablet devices to watch their favorite shows. Movie channels (31%) were the most popular among our panelists when it comes to the type of programming they prefer to watch. News and specialty channels also were significant, with 26% and 25% respectively.

TV infographic 1

Interestingly, our survey shows that Americans would be willing to pay for more channels, providing they’re the right ones. So, why exactly do we watch only 8% of our entire TV channel portfolio? When presented with that question, 36% of our panel members indicated that they were simply comfortable with the channels they currently watch, and weren’t enticed by the rest of their options. In essence, we can conclude that loyalty is a significant factor here. Only 14% cited, “not having enough time”, as the reason they don’t watch the other channels. The remaining 50% proves that content is king among TV viewers, since lack of relevant programming or poor content were cited as the main reasons for viewers not gravitating toward other channels. When asked whether they would prefer to choose which channels were included in their cable/satellite package, more than 93% of survey respondents said yes. So, why are cable subscribers paying for all those extra channels? The lack of customizable packages means that they don’t have a choice.

TV infographic 2

As annoying as advertisements may appear to be, our survey indicated that almost half of TV viewers remain loyal to their favorite channels, regardless of commercials. When they do switch, only 33% indicated they change the channel instantly because a commercial comes on, and 21% claim that they do so if it’s a commercial they don’t like. This poses a dilemma for advertisers, because changing channels increases the number of commercials a viewer is likely to see, but they will only see those commercials for a very short period of time. Clearly the window for programs and commercials to catch the viewer’s interest is very slim. Confirming the issue, our survey showed that when flipping through channels, nearly 37% remain on one for less than 10 second, and another 22% change in under 30 seconds. One solution to the problem can be taken from the world of online advertisements: Make your point very quickly. By cutting down commercial times to 5-10 seconds, advertisers would have the possibility of reaching 95% of channel flippers, and 66% of viewers that don’t switch immediately when a commercial begins. This would also give networks the opportunity to air more commercials and potentially increasing ad revenue, or shrink commercial blocks to increase programming time and viewer retention. When the average viewer only watches 8.5% of their available channels, the television market becomes a battle of content to win the viewers’ attention and loyalty.

The ability to surf through thousands of channels is something we all probably embrace. Even if we don’t have the time to watch them and are only loyal to a few, we like to know that options are there. However, at the core of it all is the freedom of choice. Americans want the freedom to choose what they watch. In our modern world, where programming is relevant and content is king, cable companies have to listen to viewers, or that 8.5% will continue to shrink.

TV infographic 3

Our top 10 FREE Apps for Enjoying the NBA Playoffs!

The NBA Playoffs began on April 19th, and it’s looking to be one for the history books. For the first time since the beginning of the NBA, the Lakers, Celtics, and New York Knicks are all missing from the playoffs at once, but the fans aren’t missing anything.

With TV coverage, live streaming online, smartphone and tablet apps, forums, and much more, the list of ways that fans can interact seems endless. That’s why we looked into the best ways to stay updated and connect with everything.

For smartphones, most people opt for the NBA League Pass app. This app allows users to stream games live, and catch news, scores, alerts, stats, and much more. Usually it costs $55 to receive content, but since the regular season is over it will only cost $16.99 to catch the playoffs. Android users will need the NBA Game time 2014 app to use your league pass.

Of course, not everyone wants to dish out the big bucks for that kind of access, so we’ve also decided to put together a list of Top Ten Currently Popular Playoff Apps for Your iPhone and iPad, and since we want fans to spend their money on something useful, like tickets, snacks, and a bigger TV, all of these apps can be downloaded for free!

Top Ten Currently Popular Playoff Apps for Your iPhone and iPad

1.      WatchESPN

2.      Yahoo Sports

3.      FanFinder – Sports Bar Locator

4.      365Scores – Sports Live Scores, Results & News

5.      Yahoo! Sportacular HD

6.      Betting Odds – Vegas Lines, Picks, Scores

7.      KNBR

8.      Playoff Hoops

9.      Tickets on the Fly

10.  Beyond the Box: Real-time sports Instagram photos and


Warning, these apps may be free, but as always, some have fees to unlock features, so the full experience may still cost a few bucks!