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Getting a Greater ROI from Google Adwords

You heard about how about other businesses generating a lot of sales by using Google Adwords, and so you’ve invested the time and money into creating a Google Adwords account. Your goal was to generate more sales leads, so that your sales team could convert those leads into sales. But you haven’t seen an uptick paid search leads, or the leads that you have received didn’t translate into sales.

If this sounds familiar, then you are doing something wrong.

Before you give up, here are a couple of good reasons to try it again.
• According to Google, 97 percent of Internet users searched on line for local products and services.
• Google’s search engine provided $111 billion in economic activity in 2013.

So, how do you get the impact you need from PPC?
Ad campaigns are always a work in progress
You should log into your PPC account on a regular basis. It’s easy to set up a PPC campaign and then forget, but that’s harmful to your goals of generating more leads. You must always test your ad campaigns.

If PPC isn’t working for you, then look at your keywords. Are too many Internet searchers, who are not your target audience, clicking on your ads? Consider changing your keywords. With Adwords, you can check which keywords your competitor might be using. If your keywords are too broad, consider using phrase matches or exact matches.

You should also use negative keywords. For example, if you sell women’s high heels only, consider using the negative keyword running, so that searchers who are looking for women’s running shoes aren’t clicking on your ads. Consider creating multiple ads with different keywords or phrases, and then track which keywords or phrases are working. Delete the keywords or phrases that aren’t working.

Also check to see who is clicking on your ads. Is it searchers outside of your target geographic range? For example, if you are looking for leads in Chicago, but are receiving clicks on your ads from New York, narrow your location target. Remember you are paying for each click on your ad. You want to make sure that the right people are clicking on your links.

Go Mobile
Seventy percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google search. Adwords allows you advertise on mobile sites and mobile apps that use Internet advertising. That means searchers can find your business and call you, which can generate sales.

Check Out the Competition
Checking out how your competition is using their Ads will help you as well. For example, if a competitor is advertising a really low price, your ad can mention that you can provide a higher quality service that your competitor can’t provide for that low price.

Add Extensions
Consider adding extensions your ads. This could include phone numbers, links, and addresses. Remember, 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google search. If providing a number of links, make sure to create different landing pages for each link. If a customer is looking for a certain service, then sending them to homepage isn’t helpful. What would be helpful is to send the potential customer to a page that describes the service and provides a telephone number or requires that they fill out a contact form.

Integrate with CRM
Don’t just track your Click-Through-Rate with your PPC program. Integrate PPC with your CRM, so that you know which keywords lead to sales. Based on that information, tweak your PPC keywords and that should lead to more clicks from your target audience.

Use the Google Display Network
AdWords works because the potential consumer is searching for what they need or want. Ads are tailored for those types of searchers. But what about the consumer or business decision makers who aren’t searching for your product? How can you get their attention and lead them to a call to action?

Use the Google Display Network. Website owners can choose to have ads displayed on their websites. They generate revenue whenever a viewer clicks on those displayed ads. How is this beneficial to you? Here’s an example. A business is selling email software that competes directly with Microsoft Outlook. Using the Google Display Network, his ads show on a forum about troubleshooting Outlook problems. In this example, the business has reached potential customers, who weren’t even considering this product, and since it is a forum about troubleshooting problems with Outlook, the business’s ad text can point out the product’s simplicity.

Multiple Products or Services need separate campaigns
There is no one size fits all for PPC advertising. Each product or service needs its own ad campaign, and each of those ad campaigns should have their own landing page. If you offer more than one product or service, you want as many as customers as possible clicking on your ads. One way to do that is to advertise all of your products and services separately. Suppose two people are searching for one of your products or services and they want to buy different products or services. If you have an ad that only targets one product or services, then you just lost a sales lead because one of the two didn’t see your ad campaign for the product they searched for because that ad didn’t exist.

In conclusion, PPC advertising can work for you, but only if you are willing to work at it. PPC advertising is a work in progress. Sometimes it won’t work for business in the short run, but with a little knowledge and a little tweaking, you can make AdWords generate more sales leads for your business.

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