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Best Moments in Research of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we have been doing a bit of reflection and making New Year’s resolutions  along with the rest of you. All year long we have been researching an array of topics and presenting them in our distinctive qSample style. We have conducted research with both our general panel and specialty panels, in order to share key findings in a multitude of industries. This year has been amazing and we already have plenty of new topics to explore in 2017. As always, if you have any studies you will like to conduct using online sample just send us a  message. However, if you are looking for more research ideas or just curious of our finding, check out our best infographics of 2016.

Ingredients To Surveys Consumers Will Actually Want To Take

We started 2016  by sharing insights on how to create a survey that warrants the best response. We are experts in crafting surveys to gather optimum results, so we wanted to share some of our strategies with you. Always remember that you want to keep the participant engaged. This can involve incentives and survey design. Also, if you need sample to conduct your survey we are always here to help. This infographic was a great starting point to our year and we hope that it is helpful to you in 2017.

 Mind Blowing Text Message Statistics

We took the opportunity to explore a commonly overlooked form of marketing – text messages. Text messaging applications are the most used app on smartphones, however they are not a popular platform for email marketing campaigns. This infographic may persuade you to focus more on mobile marketing efforts.

Outlook: Presidential Election 2016

We could not neglect one of the most landmark events of 2016. As the president of qSample, Rudly Raphael says “presidential elections are known to provide good theater…but this year was filled with some interesting twist and turns.” We conduct a survey with our voters panel to predict the results among the general population in comparison to the battleground state of Florida. We followed up with a blog that evaluated polling methodologies titled “Whose Poll is Right?”. We expect our voters panel to thrive as 2017 represents a major year of transition on the political scene.

Pet Food Trends: Humanizing or Jeopardizing the Health of Your Pets?

Our veterinarian  specialty panel truly makes us unique when it come online sample. We decided to survey the panel on their thoughts about  major pet food trends. Consumers are currently bombarded with endless pet food options. We learned that veterinarians still recommend scientifically formulated pet foods. Find out why in the infographic.

You Only Live Once: Millennials’ Travel Spending Habits

Most recently we conducted a survey of travel spending habits of each generation. We discovered that millennials are not as impulsive as we may think. They take more time to plan their trips than any other age demographic. That was just one of our many interesting findings. We followed this study by researching in-flight purchases and brand loyalty. Keep this research in mind as you pursue your travels in 2017.

As you can see we were very busy in 2016. Our resolution for the new year, is to research even more pivotal shift in market research and continue to provide the best online sample out there. Happy New Year, we hope to partner with you on a research project in 2017!


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