Spring is the Season for Home Improvement!

For many people, spring is not just the season for rain showers and the start of America’s pastime.  It’s also the number one season for home improvements, renovations, and home sales.

Homeowners and contractors alike will be hitting the home improvement stores multiple times to perform mini makeovers in every room of the house.

35 percent of qSample’s contractor panel prefer to buy their supplies from Home Depot. While 19 percent of contractors said they buy their supplies from Lowes. Panelists cited location, bigger selection, and pricing as the top three factors in determining where they shop.

Jade Lafleur, a realtor from Coldwell Banker, thinks making a few simple touch-ups to a house can really make a big difference. “A little can go a long way,” Lafleur said, “especially when it comes to the outside of the house. Curb appeal is crucial, never under estimate how far something as simple as repainting a front door can go. Many times potential buyers will find photos of houses they like online, and drive by them first in order to decide if they even want to take a tour inside.”

54 percent of qSample’s homeowner panel spend $1,000-$2,999 annually on home improvements, while only 17 percent of homeowners spend $3,000-$4,999 annually.

Lafleur also suggests painting the doorframe and at least the foyer or front room, as well. It’s best to use neutral colors and something that blends well into the rest of the neighborhood. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or if you have hired someone, it is important to make sure all of the prep work is done first. Be certain to wash away all of the dirt and patch any necessary surface areas before beginning to paint.

There is no time like today to start a new home improvement project just in time for spring.


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