Research For Your Next Campaign Is Not Optional

Did you know that you only get one shot at interviewing for an on-air position at ESPN? Applicants hold off on submitting their tape until they feel it is absolutely perfect. If you had one chance at succeeding at something, whether at work or in your personal life, why wouldn’t you collect all the data and facts to ensure the best possible outcome? We say this because there are many companies that still aren’t using market research. They launch campaigns and new products, based on anecdotal information, on a wing and a prayer.

Don’t be like these companies.

Consumer insight is our jam. We eat, sleep, and breathe data. That said, we are your go-to for any and every type of respondent, no matter how small or niche. We gather 300 panel attributes on each member of our panels.

With more than 20 million respondents recruited and managed by QuestionPro, we help advertising and branding agencies tap into millions of consumers to provide feedback into various research initiatives such as:

-Creative Design

-Concept Testing

-Logo Design

-Video Review

-Ad Testing


QuestionPro Audience has over 10 niche panels comprised of industry experts who are strategically recruited to participate in quantitative research and live discussions. By implementing various recruitment methodologies, we make sure to provide the right kinds of respondents for your research.

Just a few of our niche panels:



-College students

-General contractors

-Registered voters

-Small business owners

-Frequent travelers

-Consumer electronics and more

With industry knowledge and innovative tools, QuestionPro Audience always meets the rigorous demands of our clients. Contact us for your next research project:

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