Quiz: Are You A Market Research Expert?


There’s no doubt your data surfing and number-grinding have produced stellar results for your company or client. There’s no doubt that your qualitative Sauron-eye has continually mined the deepest shafts of your focus groups’ subconscious.

But are you a Market Research Expert? Do you know the system as well as the history? Do you thrive in the backend of surveys as well as the vanguard of mobile studies?

That may be settled today with qSample’s interactive quiz. I hope the quiz entertains you, for I believe in infusing humor into work to make for a better user experience. When I tell this to my boss, his response is always: “Great. When are you going to start?”


Regardless, please give qSample some feedback on the quiz and share with your peers. We hope it sharpens your already razor-mind.

Oh, and note that you can only take the quiz once (unless you erase cookies or use another browser, that is):


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