PlayStation 4 The Clear Choice For Holiday Shoppers

With the latest generation of gaming consoles hot off the assembly line, qSample surveyed more than 500 respondents from its consumer panel who planned to purchase video gaming systems in the days leading up to Christmas. The Infographic below illustrates the results of the survey.

The survey revealed that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the clear choice for holiday shoppers, beating the closest competitor by 22 percent. PS4 is also the overwhelming choice for those who were looking to upgrade their current system.

More than 37 percent of the respondents indicated they had planned to purchase a PS4. Of those who planned to purchase PS4s, 47 percent were upgrading their current video game console.

Coming in second with a little more than 15 percent was not Microsoft’s Xbox One, which launched one week after PS4 in late November, but its previous generation’s model Xbox 360 (released in 2005). Slightly more than 13 percent of respondents planned to buy an Xbox One. Xbox 360 was more attractive than Xbox One to first-time buyers.

Nintendo’s Wii U is having a hard time keeping pace with PS4 and Xbox One with only seven percent of gamers polled planning to purchase them. However, first time buyers are more likely to buy Nintendo’s Wii. This might be correlated with first-time buyers valuing price more than those planning to upgrade their video game console. The Wii sells for $129 compared to $299 for the Wii U, PS4 for $399 and Xbox One for $499.

While brand name seems to be a factor when considering a video game console, more than 44 percent said their purchasing decision was based on game quality offered. PS4 also beat the competition among gamers who indicated that they value game quality when it comes to making decisions on upgrading their video game console.

Nearly half of the respondents said they were upgrading their video game console compared to almost 25 percent first-time buyers.

Respondents are all part of qSample’s General population and Video Gamer Panel. All have been carefully recruited to target true gamers and light gamers while taking into account key industry tendencies.


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