Do YOU Have A Perfect March Madness Bracket?

The excitement of March Madness is upon us and hopefully you have your 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket perfected to win in your office pool. Kentucky is the number one seed to win after going 34-0 in the regular season, with Villanova being the number one seed in the East, Duke in the South, and Wisconsin as top pick in the West.

Whether it’s based on your favorites, which mascots could beat who, or going off of President Obama’s, everyone has a different strategy on who to pick for their brackets. But what are the odds of actually getting the perfect bracket and correctly predicting every game in the tournament?

1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (that’s 9.2 quintillion).

With odds being that high, it was pretty smart of Quicken Loans, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway, and Yahoo to offer a $1 billion prize to the fan who correctly picked all 64 winners in the 2014 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament last year. None of the contestants made it past the first round of 32 games without at least one mistake. They have since decide not to continue the contest this year. Sorry, guys. If it helps, the odds of becoming a billionaire without the help of Mr. Warren Buffett and Yahoo are only 1 in 7,000,000! See, there’s a silver lining in everything.

Since you’re probably not going to predict every game in the tournament correctly this year (I know, I know, but never lose hope), here’s a list of things that are more likely to happen to you than getting the perfect NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket:

  • Odds of fatally slipping in the bath or shower – 1 in 2,323
  • Odds of dating a supermodel – 1 in 88,000
  • Odds of being struck by lightning this year – 1 in 700,000
  • Odds of having identical twins –1 in 350-400
  • Odds of winning $1,000 in the McDonald’s Monopoly game — 1 in 36,950,005
  • Odds of being on plane with a drunken pilot – 117 to 1
  • Odds of tripping while texting – 1 in 10
  • Odds of getting a royal flush in poker on first five cards dealt – 649,740 to 1
  • Odds of “getting lucky” on the first date – 1 in 3
  • Odds of finding a pearl in an oyster — 1 in 12,000
  • Odds of going blind after laser eye surgery — 1 in 85,714
  • Odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery — 1 in 135,145,920

The odds of betting perfectly, or any odds for that matter, will not hamper the excitement of this or any NCAA Tournament. In sports there are those amazing, historical moments, like the Miracle on Ice and The Music City Miracle. These are once time events, though. In the NCAA Tournament, it seems that there is a yearly miracle of some sort, memorable to the entire nation. Just don’t expect one of them to be getting rich like Warren Buffet by predicting perfect bracket and correctly predicting every game in the tournament.


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