June 09, 2014

Going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup? It’s Going to Cost You!

By Rudly Raphael on June 09, 2014

According to the U.S. consulate in Rio, more than 187,000 tickets have been purchased by American credit cards and 80,000 U.S. visitors are expected to attend the Cup. In the infographic below we break down a few of the costs Americans can expect to spend if they’re planning to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup in just one week. Would

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May 15, 2014

Our top 10 FREE Apps for Enjoying the NBA Playoffs!

By Rudly Raphael on May 15, 2014

The NBA Playoffs began on April 19th, and it’s looking to be one for the history books. For the first time since the beginning of the NBA, the Lakers, Celtics, and New York Knicks are all missing from the playoffs at once, but the fans aren’t missing anything. With TV coverage, live streaming online, smartphone and tablet apps, forums, and

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April 18, 2014

Will Office for iPad Make Tablets the Tool for Work?

By Rudly Raphael on April 18, 2014

Last month, Microsoft shook the tablet world by finally launching its Office for iPad apps, and the reverberations may be felt for years to come. While tablets have become extremely popular, with many users preferring smaller to bulky and more awkward laptops, they have yet to truly find their niche in the business world. Even with bluetooth keyboards, and writing

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April 03, 2014

Who’s Footing the Spring Break Bill?

By Rudly Raphael on April 03, 2014

A survey conducted with Campus Universe – qSample’s College Student panel,  revealed that only 26% of college students had a full time job during the academic year. 30% of students surveyed indicated they had a part time job, while 42% claimed that they did not work at all. Yet, every single year, more than 1.5 million students go on spring

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April 03, 2014

10 Reasons to Use the qSample Panel Network

By Rudly Raphael on April 03, 2014


April 03, 2014

Spring is the Season for Home Improvement!

By Rudly Raphael on April 03, 2014

For many people, spring is not just the season for rain showers and the start of America’s pastime.  It’s also the number one season for home improvements, renovations, and home sales. Homeowners and contractors alike will be hitting the home improvement stores multiple times to perform mini makeovers in every room of the house. 35 percent of qSample’s contractor panel

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March 27, 2014

How Crowd-Sourcing has Impacted the Search for Flight 370

By Rudly Raphael on March 27, 2014

For the past few weeks, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind has been, “What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?” Something about this mystery has captivated the hearts and minds of people around the world, and inspired the largest search operation in history. Even with 26 countries officially participating in the effort, and French satellites spotting over one

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March 20, 2014

March Madness is back!

By Rudly Raphael on March 20, 2014

March Madness is back! After this long gruesome winter we’ve all endured in 2014, people are as excited as ever to have something to look forward to, as the final weeks of March come to a close. As a data collection firm, qSample is always interested in insightful data. Therefore, it only makes sense to turn March Madness into a

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March 19, 2014

qSample’s Panel = Your Panel!

By Rudly Raphael on March 19, 2014

When you partner with qSample, we give our clients access to more than five million respondents all around the globe. All our of members are double-opted in, pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in a variety of research studies of any level of specificity. qSample prides itself in building a community of highly qualified and highly responsive panelists that accurately represent the general population.

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March 07, 2014

Thawing Out? How Contractors are Dealing with the Weather

By Rudly Raphael on March 07, 2014

Every year since the end of the recession, the U.S. economy has faced new challenges: spending cuts, increases in taxes, partisan squabbles, the debt ceiling, etc.   This year’s culprate of the economy’s freeze is the winter. The extraordinarily cold weather this winter is hammering a number of industries stymying economic growth.   No industry has been hit harder than

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