March 21, 2016

Millennials And Boomers: Two Sides Of The Same Marketing Coin

By qSample on March 21, 2016

  Millennials and Boomers. Two demographics separated by an ocean of time and the icebergs of Generation X. No way in this or any galaxy far away they could be similar. Think again. Beyond the reality that both groups have a population nearing 77 million, they are oddly very similar. In fact, think hard again since Millennials and Boomers are

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March 17, 2016

6 Lies About St. Patrick’s Day You Foolishly Believe

By qSample on March 17, 2016

Group celebrating St. Patrick's Day in leprechaun costumes

  Perception is reality, but often both perception and reality are not based on fact. Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb and eight glasses of water a day are not necessary for good health. The Big Bang Theory is not funny. This St. Patrick’s Day there will usher merriment, but also a plentitude of wrong facts. We’ll get to

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March 15, 2016

Most Market Research Jobs About To Be Replaced by Machines

By qSample on March 15, 2016

  In last week’s show, This Old Marketing Podcast drew future labor data from a recent MarTech Advisor research piece (which itself extracted the analysis of several economics and technology academics). The tone of the hosts, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, was alarming for good reason: the takeaways indicate that humanity won’t have to bother with the rise of The

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March 10, 2016

15 Free Market Research Tools & Resources When You Need A Hack

By qSample on March 10, 2016

Lady holding umbrella underneath falling numbers

  Market research is a discipline of precision. It’s also an industry that—if it could—would melt into the essence of numbers themselves. There are occasions, however, when a researcher might need some ad hoc statistics or data to support a project during nascent stages. Also, with market research budgets tightening across the business world, sometimes a researcher just needs a

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March 09, 2016

Trust, Joy, Sadness And Fear. Primary Election Emotions In 2016

By Guest Blogger on March 09, 2016

Picture of Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

    I decided it might be interesting to analyze the tweets of the main political players in the run-up to Super Tuesday. The methodology was simple, follow their official twitter accounts and then analyze the tweets for emotional word content. 1029 tweets from official twitter accounts for Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were collected. The

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March 08, 2016

The 5 Most Bizarre Pet Treatments

By qSample on March 08, 2016

Dog meditating

  According to a recent qSample study, pet owners spend around $27 billion a year on veterinary care and animal medication. The costs are expected only to rise steeply, as veterinary education balloons and online pharmacies force pet stores to increase prices. As we also reported, people are parenting their pets more, part of a growing movement of animal kindness.

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March 03, 2016

How Virtual Reality Is Transforming Market Research

By qSample on March 03, 2016

  Certain trends seem to surge and sputter, and then surge and sputter. Two examples might be 3D movies and Ska. The most recent instance is virtual reality, which surged at times in the 90s and 2000s but then sputtered without adhering to mass culture. Virtual reality is back again, with somewhat of a vengeance, highlighted by such technologies as

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March 01, 2016

Work Meetings Are Destroying Business (and how to destroy them back)

By qSample on March 01, 2016

Frustrated workers in a business meeting

  My brother is a vice president of a large company. He often tells me he gets anxiety on Sundays because of an incoming Monday of long, byzantine meetings. I asked him once who was responsible for all these work meetings. He answered, “I schedule most of them.” When I asked him why, he dully answered, “Well, it’s just what

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February 25, 2016

Is Apple Watch Finally Being Accepted By Consumers?

By qSample on February 25, 2016

  Not that long ago our syndicated research pointed to the tepid attitude towards the Apple Watch. Right before the release of the much-touted wearable in spring of 2015, our custom audiences in essence collectively shrugged cold shoulders (41% said they were not interested while 18% were not aware of its arrival). Later on and early that summer, in an

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February 24, 2016

The Most Accurate Parody Movies Of The Workplace

By qSample on February 24, 2016

  To parody the workplace one doesn’t necessarily have to leave the workplace. The American workplace is largely a self-fulling, eternal loop of satirical moments—from byzantine meetings to black hole paperwork, from faltering tech originally meant to save time to Wonderland jargon spoken by so many management emperors wearing no clothes. At least this seems to be the case on

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