December 17, 2016

Market Research is the Key Ingredient

By qSample on December 17, 2016

As usual, Amazon is on the move and presenting even more great ideas. In 2017, we have plenty to look forward to when it comes to shopping. Amazon will be opening the Amazon Go store to the public in early portion of the new year. The store will be like no other grocery store. There will be no cashiers, instead

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December 14, 2016

Upgrade You: In-flight Services and Brand Loyalty

By qSample on December 14, 2016

  One of the busiest travel times of the year has finally arrived. Millions of families across the country are preparing to travel during the holidays to be reunited with their loved ones. With more than 100 million Americans traveling this holiday season, traveling can be an arduous task. In order to best accommodate travelers, airlines offer several additional services

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December 12, 2016

Pink Tax: Building The Gender Price Gap?

By qSample on December 12, 2016

  When it comes to marketing for the female consumer there are endless possibilities. Major industries such as the fashion and beauty industry have honed in on the buying power of women and are making significant profits; more than 460 billion USD a year.  Female consumers are eager to experiment with new gadgets while staying on top of the latest

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December 11, 2016

Red Cups and Consumer Behavior

By qSample on December 11, 2016

In the winter of 1997, Starbucks made a permanent imprint on pop culture with one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time – the red holiday cup. At the time, Starbucks had only 1,400 stores and had just opened their first stores outside of North America in Japan and Singapore. They were on the rise as a company, so

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December 10, 2016

The Best Holiday Marketing Commercials: Classics and Newcomers

By Ellandrea Mckissack on December 10, 2016

Peace, love, and joy are the sentiments that rest in the air during the holiday season. This time of year is marked by celebration and good cheer. This is also the time of year that we reflect on the past and the present, and at qSample we reflect in terms of marketing. During the holidays, marketers embody the spirit of the

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December 07, 2016

Consuming the Flu Vaccination: CDC Marketing Initiatives to Stop the Flu

By Ellandrea Mckissack on December 07, 2016

December has begun and flu season is definitely among us as the weather begins to grow colder. The number of influenza vaccinations have increased steadily since 2005 and the 2016- 2017 distribution count is sure to maintain this upward trend. There is a heightened public concerned about the flu virus and has even raised the question to state legislator if

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December 06, 2016

Twelve (or more) Days of Christmas

By qSample on December 06, 2016

We all know the song Twelve Days of Christmas, which tells the length of the holiday season. However, marketers have made Black Friday synonymous with “once in a lifetime deals,” leading shoppers to line up outside of stores as soon as their plates are cleared from the Thanksgiving table. From year to year retailers have the urge to top last

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December 01, 2016

Deck the Aisles: Marketing vs. Food Waste

By qSample on December 01, 2016

The holidays are a time to share memories, thoughts, and food. This time of year represents a celebration that brings nations, culture, and views together while sitting around a dining room table sharing it all with family and friends. Unfortunately, the increase of family feasts lead to food waste. During this season, supermarkets are one of many entities that increase

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November 29, 2016

May the Best Marketer Win: Strategies from the 2016 Election

By qSample on November 29, 2016

The next president of America has been declared, but conversations are still circulating regarding the campaign. Donald J. Trump’s unpredictability and lack of “political correctness” drew a lot of attention during the election. While, Hillary Clinton past infractions seem to never diminish. Despite, the question that has been centripetal in these conversations is how did a billionaire businessman with no

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November 23, 2016

You Only Live Once: Millennials’ Travel Spending Habits

By qSample on November 23, 2016

Millennials are constantly expressing their interests on social media channels, and travel is not excluded from the trending topics identified by “hashtag goals.”  This desire to travel is not only represented by the stream of photos on their Instagram feeds, but also in their approach to life. This can be seen in the array of benefits that millennials are requesting

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