Learning from the Best: Stellar Email Marketing Campaigns


Having fresh and updated tactics for email marketing campaigns is a constant goal for companies. As time passes new technology emerges, consumers engage in more trends, and competition arises. Consequently, there is an ever-growing need to keep up with the most successful campaigns and better yet, understand how they achieve their success.

Looking back at 2016, we have compiled the best marketing efforts that have optimize email campaigns and inspired current marketing efforts.


Launched in 2009, the car-sharing app Uber has been creating numerous possibilities for riders, financial opportunities for drivers, and making the service available in more cities. The company has an outstanding way of enriching their customers’ experiences by building email campaigns with unique offers. Subscribers are constantly being provided with new offers, free rides, and rewards. Uber has even offered their customers ice cream on a hot day and roses for Valentine’s Day.

Uber’s email content is characterized by a simple and concise style, which is perfect for those email subscribers who are quickly skimming their emails. The company uses this simplistic approach to increase consumer engagement and retention by providing a main subject line at the beginning of the message. This subject line presents the core message of the email, in case subscribers are not willing to read all of the content. Also, the content is followed by a call to action button that stands out from the copy of the email,  this grabs the readers’ attention and encourage them to want to learn more about the offer.

The success of Uber’s email campaigns relies on the integration of all their marketing assets. The company’s email campaigns mimic the app interface and incorporate the brand’s strategy in their content and design. Brand consistency is one of the tactics the company has optimized in order to gain brand loyalty.


Grubhub is a web-based mobile company that allows users to order food from a wide variety of restaurants in close proximity to the user. The company has excelled in the food delivery service and has become the number one choice for many Americans across the country. Grubhub’s marketing efforts are characterized by implementing catchy subject lines aligned with current events. These efforts can mainly be seen on the company’s email marketing campaigns.

Grubhub approach for their email content is captivating and catchy. The copy of the email is casual but its main purpose is to build relationships and engagement with current and new customers. The company’s call to actions are seamlessly placed in the email surrounded by high quality pictures. This guides the customers’ eyes to the “order now” buttons. Another aspect of the company’s marketing campaign is the frequency of their messages, Grubhub sends a variety of message to their customers informing them about newly added restaurants, promotions, and even when its raining outside.

The success of Grubhub email campaigns relies on the ingenuity of creating impactful content from day to day activities.


As a leading provider of online software, QuestionPro’s platform allows users to generate the insights they need to make better decisions. The company provides a wide variety of tools for polling and data visualization. Conducting research can be an arduous task, but QuestionPro’s email invitation survey has been carefully crafted to guide respondents through the survey process and ultimately increase survey response rates.

The survey administration process begins with an email invitation. The company has developed a simple and effective approach to encourage their respondents to take the survey. It all starts with a catchy subject line that increases the chances of email open rates. When opened, the email displays a clear, concise and simple message asking the respondents to take the survey. The message is followed by call to actions, which are effectively placed at the bottom of the email to drive attention to the survey link.

The success of QuestionPro’s email campaigns relies on clear call to actions and concise messages that encourage readers and respondents to take action.

Email campaigns have become an imperative tool for companies, consequently marketers have been faced with the challenge of creating campaigns that will not go directly to trash folder. In the midst of inbox clutter and increased competition, companies are trying to capture customer’s attention through different marketing efforts. The examples mentioned above, introduced several strategies that that make those companies stand out in the endless stream of messages.

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