Insight into Voter Sentiment

The 2020 presidential election will be here before we know it. After such a surprising and divisive 2016 election, there is more interest than ever into voter behaviors. While there has been a stereotype that “all millennials are liberal”, that may be changing. According to a recent study by Reuters, the Democratic party is losing support with millennials. While the majority still prefer the Democratic party over the Republican party, support has dropped over the past two years from 55% to 46%.

If you are looking for insight like this and more, look no further: QuestionPro Audience’s Registered Voter panel is what you need. The Registered Voter panel provides academic researchers, pollsters and campaign managers, among others, access to the first nationwide panel of likely voters to conduct online polling, ad testing, focus groups and in-depth interviewing among registered voters across the United States.

This dedicated panel harnesses the power of web, social media and mobile technology to address key industry challenges where traditional phone-based data collection has failed: speed, feasibility, accuracy and cost-effective research.

In addition to the Registered Voter panel, QuestionPro Audience has over 10 niche panels comprised of industry experts who are strategically recruited to participate in quantitative research and live discussions. By implementing various recruitment methodologies, we make sure to provide the right kinds of respondents for your research.

Just a few of our niche panels:

  • Healthcare
  • Veterinarians
  • College students
  • General contractors
  • Small business owners
  • Frequent travelers
  • Consumer electronics and more

With industry knowledge and innovative tools, QuestionPro Audience always meets the rigorous demands of our clients. Contact us for your next research project:


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