Infographic: The Mental Dangers of Being Online (too much…)

Not a month goes by without some study on the hazards of surfing the stormy online seas. The warnings go that being online may be as damaging as the abuse of alcohol, sugar or Netflix.

But is it true, or as with caffeine the pendulum will swing in scientific studies?

Neither. The internet is a medium, and thus it’s intrinsically neutral. It all depends on how it is approached or utilized. As our findings relate, the internet is more of an amplifier of present emotions and less of a slaughterhouse of future emotions.

One thing is for certain: the internet is also a hurricane of information continually blasting the shores of our brains that were never meant to handle such force. As an illustration, 100,500 words or 34 gigabytes is the amount of information we consume outside of work on an average day.

It gets even more startling in our infographic, based on qSample’s primary and secondary research found in Why Being Continually Online is Like A Bad Acid Trip.

There are academics that feel that the only solution to coexisting with the internet is the notion of inserting electronics into our skulls. This is contended as basically the next evolutionary step for humanity (also known as transhumanism).

qSample doesn’t go that far, not ready to jump on yet the bandwagon of the Borg, the Dalek or Johhny Depp in Transcendence. But we do offer some solutions to the negative effects of continually being online in our infographic.

We hope the information makes for a pleasant cyber-sailing in the future instead of navigating those stormy online seas:


The Mental Dangers of Being Online Too Much

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