Infographic of the Week: Will Apple Watch Succeed?

Although the store availability of the Apple Watch has been delayed until June, today is the day the anticipated gadget mostly ships out to those who ordered it online (although some early orders may actually arrive this weekend). It’s officially the dawn of the wearable tech era, with Apple once again the glorious shining sun of market success.

Or is it?

This week’s infographic visually addresses the Apple Watch. It’s gleaned from our own study on consumer sentiments towards the new product.

Pre-order sales are astronomical, according to preliminary numbers. However, qSample’s research does detail some concerns the Apple Watch might have to overcome. Additionally, there are these three issues as well:

1. Apple is not a pioneer this time. Smart watches are already settled in the marketplace. Apple won’t be in its customary role as a trailblazer, as it was with tablets and smartphones.

2. The brand Apple isn’t king of the tech hill anymore. According to a recent study, Samsung beats Apple in customer loyalty. Apple has spent immense energy perfecting its image for decades, yet these days its competitors work just as hard in branding.

3. Wearable tech is just not ticking with consumers. As mentioned, smart watches are around. They’re not exactly an established item in any demographic, whether made by Samsung or Google. Also, the last great wearable tech noise, knowns as Google Glass, went out with a whimper.

But Apple is Apple, time after time conquering the times. Maybe this trend will continue with the Apple Watch. In any event, let the data set your own internal market watch:

Study reveals consumer resistance to Apple Watch

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