Infographic of the Week: Why Content Goes Viral

We all want our business content to viral (except maybe for last year’s Christmas Party pictures or the snarky email to HR after it removed Jean Friday). In the name of Chris Crocker, much of the world wants their content to go viral! It rarely happens, though, even when it involves cats. Viral content is as elusive as finding out the true age of Lorde.

In fact, no one really knows what the benchmarks are for measuring viral content, similar to finding the exact age demographics of Millennials (which Lorde claims to belong to).

Regardless, surging traffic and engagement are highly desired for internet success, and there is a science behind it that you can use, which at the very least will increase your metrics. This is the theme of this week’s infographic, based on research from our article 4 Research Studies That Can Holistically Create Viral Content.

We hope it assists in your content going viral as much as we hope this infographic goes viral (isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?):

Why Content Goes Viral


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