Infographic of the Week: Why Consumers Prefer Media Subscription Over Renting or Owning

Silhouette of Don Draper from Made Men watching himself on television

Memorial Day Weekend is arriving and May Sweeps are ending. Yet the media landscape remains as active as ever, even with the farewell of Don Draper and David Letterman. This week’s infographic details the preferences of consumers as they vacation the various digital lands. It’s based on our primary research found in Access Over Ownership: Consumers Prefer Media Subscription.

The findings were surprising, as we reported:

As the media world continues to focus on instant access and mobility, consumers are choosing subscription services to rent movies, TV shows, games, and music instead of purchasing them. Since the advent of the digital revolution, consumers seem to place a higher demand on access to media, rather than actually owning it. Media subscription services are more popular than ever, and qSample decided to find out why people choose the services that they do.

Find the reasons in our infographic, and have a wonderful holiday weekend, outdoors or in the digital lands.

Access Not Ownership

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