Infographic of the Week: The Psychology of Mobile Consumers

Lady holding up smarphone with numbers exploding from it

It’s no secret we champion mobile research for the betterment of market research (as it’s no secret mobile research is one of our specialties; we regularly partner with companies like Microsoft for smartphone surveys or focus groups). We recently even wrote how mobile technology, as a medium, transforms the very psychological architecture of respondents.

But surely some in the industry might feel the mind of the mobile consumer is still somewhat of a secret. This week’s infographic addresses this issue and hopefully offers insights on the blissful union of market research and mobile technology.

After all, as more individuals choose mobile technology over personal computers, market research migrates that way as well. As a white paper on Research stated:

Mobile growth in online surveys is mirroring overall growth in mobile access to the internet with survey starts on mobile and tablets rising from less than 10% of survey starts in 2011 to more than 25% of survey starts in 2014 according to 2014 Trends Report.

Please enjoy and as alway please have a wonderful and mobile end of the week.

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