Infographic of the Week: The Power of Millennials

In our recent Are Millennials Ruining the World? we had a little fun with public perception and our primary research gleaned from qSample’s college student and millennial panels.

No, millennials are not ruining the world but they will come close to being the world, as revealed by this week’s friendly neighborhood infographic.

Here are just some of the amazing takeaways on millennials:

 Expected to reach $200 billion in spending by 2017, the largest consumer generation in U.S. History.
– 85% own smartphones.
 One-fourth speaks a language other than English at home.
– 77 million, making up approximately one-fourth of the U.S. population.

They’re everywhere, and they are very plugged-in to their mobile devices – something qSample is very aware of as we specialize in mobile research. No matter where you are in market research, you might want to get plugged into millennials because sooner or later you will fall into their web.

But Nuff said, as Stan Lee would say. Here is the Millennial selfie:

All About Millennials

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