Infographic of the Week: The Dr. Doolittle Data On Veterinarians & Pet Care

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Market research may not have it’s own Dr. Doolittle to talk to the animals and their needs, but qSample has the next best thing: veterinarian and pet owner panels that can immediately access more than 70,000 respondents, online or mobile.

Veterinarians and pet owners are certainly barking a lot these days about changes in pet care. These include:

The cost of routine and surgical vet visits has risen 47% for dogs and 73% for cats over the past decade.
Pet owners spent about $8 billion on veterinarian care in 2000; by 2013, that figure climbed to more than $14 billion.
– The mean annual professional income of private practice veterinarians rose from around $60,000 in 1995 to over $120,000 in 2009.
– $58.5 billion will be spent in 2014. U.S. pet owners spent $27 billion on animal medication and visits to the vet in 2013.

That’s just scratching the furry surface. Our weekly infographic details more, based on our research in The Rising Cost of Pet care (and what to do about it)

Take care of your pets, your vets, and yourself as the dog days of summer are upon us. And at know you are in reality very close to talking to the animals.

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 All About Veterinarians and Pet Care

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