Infographic of the Week: Preventing Data Theft From Hackers

Hooded hacker attempting to break screen of data

As a research and data collection company, qSample takes data security very seriously. We handle private information of more than a million respondents that comprise our various panels. Many of these panels consist of physicians, academics and government officials who themselves hold sensitive information.

We simply live in a world where cyber security is paramount. After all, it’s estimated that in 2014 approximately 47% of adult Americans had their personal information exposed by hackers. At the same time, businesses are continuously being raided for data by Mr Robots, from Target to Ashley Madison, from Domino’s Pizza to Apple. Even the federal government gets hacked, and it’s a scary as General Jack D. Ripper taking over nuclear weapons in Dr. Stranglove.

No one is safe.

That is why we decided to focus on data security in this week’s infographic, presenting two pieces from our articles How to Prevent Data Theft and How Can Businesses Recover Consumer Trust After A Data Breach?

Whether personally or in your work, we hope our data assists you in keeping your data a more secure.

Data Theft

Data Theft Businesses

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