Infographic of the Week: General Contractors & Mobile Technology

Many of us can surely hear the busy sounds of construction outside in these warm months. It’s certainly the sound of money to many. But what are the commercial habits of these hard-working contractors, especially in an age when commerce is vastly centered around mobile technology? Are they marketing online? Do they network on Facebook for bids?

These and more issues are dealt with in this week’s infographic. It’s based on our proprietary study, which you can also find in text at our article General Contractors and Mobile Technology.

Please also explore some of our other primary research on general contractors and homeowners found in our articles:

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This might be all you need for your market research, and if not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can reach out to our general contractor panel. In any event, enjoy the weekly infographic and any outdoors sound you enjoy as we all enjoy the warm months.

General Contractors and Mobile Technology


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