Infographic of the Week: General Contractor & Brand Loyalty

Many us would like to believe we are fiercely faithful to our brands, from¬†toothpaste to smartphone preferences. Humans are creatures of habit. Yet nothing compares to general contractors when it comes to cemented brand loyalty (no pun intended?). We’ve learned this after many years from many studies, internal and for clients, with our general contractor panel.

However, general contractors can be influenced to try other products, all with the right understanding.

Thus, this week we present another infographic on general contractors and their purchasing habits. Certainly visit our article General Contractors & Brand Loyalty for further research, including another detailed infographic. Understanding all of this and other data is vital for anyone conducting market research, not only on contractors also construction trends and homeowners.

Here is it, and we hope it helps you build better market research structures:

general contractor brand loyalty

General contractors button

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