Infographic of the Week: Consumer TV Viewing Habits

Mad Men is eclipsing, Game of Thrones is catapulting, and May sweeps are around the proverbial corner. (Someone tell me where has the year gone!).

Thus, we are harnessing and refocusing for your viewing our internal study for this week’s infographic. Much of the data is found in our article Why Are We Paying for 200 Channels When We Only Watch 17?

If you can’t wait and want to know the answer to the headline’s question, it comes down to this: loyalty and convenience. Put another way, as television consumers we like to horde channels—especially ones that evoke nostalgia and we might want to return to “just in case.”

But onto primetime! Our infographic (as well as the article) reveals deep market insights into the habits of television viewers, including how to better advertise to them. Of course, you can download or embed, as shown at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the show:
Infographic of consumer tv habits

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