Infographic: 3 Aspects Of A Valid Online Survey

Simplicity and validity. Those two elements make life vibrant, and they pertain to market research. Let’s add visual, and with that trinity your research can potentially be nicely rewarding.

This may seem poetic overkill when it comes to online surveys, but it’s actually essential. As qSample has presented, online survey responses rates are lower than ever, with some studies showing participation rates equating 2%. Additionally, there are more online surveys provided than ever; as an example,¬†Mindshare Technologies conducts¬†60 million surveys per year, which is a rate of 175,000 a day.

So it’s simple and valid: it’s more competitive than ever and questionnaires need to be as engaging as possible.

The trinity of visual, valid and simple is what we present to you, in an infographic based on our primary and secondary research on implementing suitable online surveys.

I’ll keep it simple and let you at it:

3 Aspects of a Valid Online Survey Infographic


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