Baby Boomers Going Green


As the world population continues to increase, more and more people are making a conscious effort to go green. They are waking up to the importance of eco-friendly practices and are even starting to buy appliances and vehicles that are easier on the environment.

A recent study shows baby boomers are helping to drive this movement are actually more likely to go green than younger adults. 54 percent of baby boomers said they are interested in buying an electric car and over 84 percent said they think it is crucial to use green technology to lower bills.

Baby boomers began as an activist generation so their eco-friendly outlook isn’t that surprising. They pride themselves on philanthropy and have a history of trying to take action to make the world a better place.

On top of their activist spirit, many baby boomers have also built impressive financial portfolios. Add these two things together and the baby boomers are a group that can afford to rebuild, recycle, reuse, and restructure the way they live for a greener lifestyle. They see the personal value in living green and are investing in new home construction or renovation with solar paneling, composting, and even rain-catchment structures.

There has also been a noted increase in energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems, blown-in cellulose wall insulation and satellite-controlled sprinkler systems.

Baby boomers are used to being trendsetters and going green is their newest trend. As they are living healthier/more active lifestyles, by the time they reach retirement many are more vibrant and energetic than generations before them. Slowing down simply isn’t an option. So, instead of playing bingo, they are becoming an important part of the green movement by taking on new careers. They are using their previous experience and talents and applying them to the green approach in various environmentally impacted fields including construction, marking, engineering, finance and planning.

The green industry needs the knowledge of the baby boomer generation and it is clear they are willing to give it.

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