7 Great Apps For Home Improvement

Home improvement projects can often become overwhelming. However, thanks to the power of mobile technology, there are several apps designed to eliminate stress and make the process easier for you.

When embarking on a new project, it’s best to sit down and put some time into planning out each step rather than just jumping into it blindly. This will make the process much easier and will allow you to keep yourself on task to finish the project in a timely manner.

We asked our panel of home contractors which smartphone apps they prefer to use when working on a project. The Home Depot Pro app was the most widely used, followed by Evernote, and iHandy Level.

Below are seven great home improvement apps that can be used by anyone, regardless of home improvement prowess. They are great for inspiration, planning, and executing on whatever home project you are trying to accomplish.


This is a great app to get inspiration and share ideas with other home renovators and DIYers.

Home Depot App.

This app allows you to locate products by aisle, read reviews by other customers, and visualize products in your space.

Lowes App.

This app enables you to search and shop the entire catalog, (including items only available in your selected Lowe’s), read product information, make your purchase for in-store pickup or have items delivered directly to you.

Houzz App.

This app gives you ideas, advice and guidance on projects from start to finish. With over 500,000 high-quality photos to browse through, Houzz has the largest database of home-design ideas on the web. Houzz even connects you with professionals to assist you on your home remodeling projects.

Room+ App.

Room+ is an app that allows you to create a floor plan of your house to help you with furniture arrangement, home design, and plans for remodeling.

Behr ColorSmart App.

This app takes the guess work out of matching paint colors by allowing users to snap a photo or select one from their camera roll, and then use that to match a swathe of color from Behr’s extensive paint line, or browse through a gallery of colors.

iHandy Carpenter App.

This app takes advantage of your iPhone or iPad’s built-in sensors to turn your device into a handy set of tools. The surface level and bubble level bar let you check flat surfaces, while a plumb bob allows you to check the verticality of walls.

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get started on creating your dream home!

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