5 Weird Pet Apps That Are Actually Legal

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Apps seem to run our world, or at the very least manage them. There are over 3 million apps available from Google and Apple alone, and these address most consumer needs and certainly desires. No surprisingly, apps also address the needs and desires of consumer pets. Pet owner apps are available to assists in the training, tracking and lifestyle of pets. Some, like the Vet App, connect our very pet’s healthcare to veterinarians and animal hospitals.

Pet apps can be useful as they can be entertaining.

Some are just downright weird, though.

This article is where you’ll find them. Some of these questionable pet apps were actually mentioned in a recent interaction between qSample and our veterinarian panel during an online focus group for a client. Download these at your risk and amusement:


Go Pro Fetch

Go Fetch Pro

Reality television (and possibly the NSA) just went to the dogs.

With a special harness, strap on one of these bad-boy cameras to your dog, and then follow its antics with your mobile device. It’s not exactly James Bond, though. I mean, watching pooch smell the nearest dog’s rear or devour a half-eaten Chipotle burrito by the dumpster isn’t exactly a voyeuristic adventure.


Pooch Selfies

Dog Selfie

A selfie is a standard in the human domains, to the extent it brought about the questionable trope of being a mental disorder. So why not bring them to the canine domains?

This service is so simple it would make Narcissus’ dog happy. A peripheral attaches to a smartphone or tablet, leaving room for front and rear-facing cameras. The Pooch Selfie includes a tennis ball to hold a dog’s attention so you can immortalize him on social media (translation: nobody cares).

If the ball is misplaced, we advice against replacing it with bacon or a treat…


Dog Whistler

Dog Whistler

This iPhone app is taken very seriously by many dog owners—not even considered even that weird—as it has more than over 10 million unique users. And there are many other companies that provide this type of app.

Take control and teach your dog new tricks, or bring about a herd of angry pit bulls to your doorsteps (one of them assuredly with a Go Pro Fetch on its head).

As for cats, there is no app to summon them, but you can always turn on your electric can opener.




Cat and Snapchat meet here, but unfortunately don’t cancel each other out.

Perfect365 is an app that uses face recognition to find facial features. It then applies color tinting to make a person look like he or she is wearing makeup. This type of app or plugin on social media is not uncommon.

However, the rub is that Perfect365 has become very popular with cat owners, as seen by the above pic. Bugs Bunny could have used this app decades ago when running away from Elmer Fudd. These days it’s here to improve you feline’s appearance or get it ready for a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.

Talk about the app that has launched a thousand more annoying memes.


Game for Cats

Game for Cats

Cats love to chase lasers unless wielded by mutated sea bass from Austin Powers. Now they can do that on a mobile device screen. They can even chase a mouse if that’s their feline predilection.

Does it work? The comment sections seem to indicate the app performs very well with some cats. As with Perfect365, I’m sure it has produced many memes to pollute your Facebook News Feed.


Pet People Meet

Pet People Meet

This is a dating app for pet owners. After all, people bring plenty of unseen baggage to relationships. Some can take the shape of a poorly housetrained greyhound or a person with allergies. Pet People Meet takes care of this type of baggage and unites animal lovers in romance.

For more friendship and less dating, check out DoggyDatez, more of a Meetup.com for pet owners. Buy hey, that won’t stop many men from borrowing their sister’s dogs to get into the scene.




There are more peculiar pet apps out there, I’m sure, but as mentioned there are also more than 3 million to sift through. In the end, what is weird to me (and our veterinarian panel) may not be weird to you. After all, some of these apps made it to our article Pet Owners and Their Smartphone Apps. Never mind that our previous marketing director is now head of the Mental Health Institute in North Korea.

Having said that, Americans will spend close to $60 billion this year on their pets. Thus, the only weirdness is not marketing to this demographic in any way possible.

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