4 Tech Trends Taking Over the Pet Industry

The way Americans view their pets has changed dramatically in the past two decades. Pets are now looked at as an integral part of our families, and are cared for as such. Currently, 68% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to about 84.6 million homes. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports Americans spent $17 billion on their pets in 1994. By 2016, spending nearly quadrupled to $62.75 billion, and by 2020, it is predicted to reach $96 billion in sales. We took a look at four tech trends that are taking the pet world by storm.

VIDEO Companies are leveraging owner’s codependent relationships with their pets. With web cameras, pet owners can watch and communicate with their pets from anywhere, anytime. Petzi took it up a notch and created a camera combined with a treat dispenser, which allows the owner to use their smartphone or computer to release treats to their pet remotely.

HEALTHCARE The U.S. pet insurance industry is growing as more pet owners invest in health insurance for their animals. In 2015, around 1.6 million pets were covered by a health insurance plan, with premiums hitting $774 million, and some companies are even adding it to their optional employee benefits. Pets are living longer due to improvements in medicine, which leads to more elderly animals who need treatment. VetOnDemand is a live streaming service where owners can consult with a veterinarian 24/7.

WEARABLES Wearables aren’t just for fitness junkies anymore. Pet owners are using this technology to monitor their pets’ health. Current offerings can monitor body temperature, heart rate, pH levels, and respiration rate, and send that information to pet owners and veterinarians.  WonderWoof is a bluetooth-enabled bowtie that monitors dogs’ movement. The app also tells the owner if the dog is getting enough exercise based on size, breed, gender and age.

3D PRINTING The basic principle of 3D printing is familiar to most by now; very thin layers of material are sequentially printing, building up a 3D object. Currently, at least 8 Colleges of Veterinary Medicine are incorporating 3D printing technology into their programs, due to the excitement surrounding this cutting-edge technology. From 3D prosthetics, masks to help the recovery process after surgery, and surgical models for teaching, this technology is a cutting-edge tool that many veterinarians have high hopes for in the future.

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