10 Things To Know About Amazon’s Fire Phone

A recent study by qSample showed that more than 60 percent of the mobile phones in the U.S. are smartphones.

$7.19 billion will be spent on mobile ads next year, per the study’s findings. In 2016 that number is expected to triple to more than $21 billion. It comes as no surprise Amazon made quite the splash yesterday when they announced their own smartphone, Fire Phone.

Below are ten things to know about Amazon’s Fire Phone.

1.It has 3D technology.
The Fire Phone has four infrared cameras, one tucked away in each corner, that can easily track the position and movement of the phone user’s head, which creates a 3D effect with the impression of depth as their perspective shifts.

2.  The “Firefly” button.
When you press this button the phone will start to scan the real world for bar codes, book covers, magazines and phone numbers. It also has the capability to identify songs and videos by listening for the audio track. Amazon says Firefly can identify more than 100 million items.

3. The camera looks phenomenal.
The 13-megapixel shooter is said to be better than both the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. It has optical image stabilization built in and the five-element, wide aperture lens should deliver decent photos even in poor light, and there’s a dedicated physical camera button to bring up the app within about a second.

4. It has Mayday support.
Similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet, the Mayday button provides near-instant tech support over video chat, and “ASAP” pre-loads videos based on your viewing habits, so you spend less time buffering.  Amazon says it takes on average 15 seconds to get someone on the line.

5. It’s a media-heavy device.
One of the phone’s feature’s is known as ASAP- which is a tool that predicts which movies and TV shows you might want to watch and then immediately starts loading them up. The Fire Phone also has the second-screen X-Ray functionality seen on the Kindle Fire tablets.

6. It has a variety of navigational gestures.
You can quickly tilt the device in different directions to pull up panels with additional UI elements.

7. It comes equipped with Amazon services.
The Fire Phone includes one year of Amazon Prime service, which normally costs $99. This includes a selection of streaming video, streaming music and e-book rentals, and Amazon is throwing in unlimited photo storage as well.

8. No could restriction.
The Fire Phone offers unlimited storage of everything on your phone via its Amazon cloud drive.

9. The earbuds might be the best smartphone earbuds yet.
They have a flat cable and magnetic buds that snap together when not in use, helping them avoid getting tangled in your pocket.

10. It’s only available at AT&T and the price isn’t cheap.
There was talk Amazon was going to mix up the pricing model for smartphones, but the Fire Phone costs about the same as any other high-end hand set. It starts at $200 with 32 GB of storage, or $300 with 64 GB of storage. You can also buy it without a contract for $649 to $749.

Is Amazon on to something here? Can one assume the Fire Phone comes equipped with all of their services in an attempt to draw other smartphone users to the overall lure of Amazon and all it has to offer? Only time (and market research) will tell.


qSample’s mobile panel consists of more than 500,000 active smartphone users around the globe who are uniquely identified with device identifiers (UDID), pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in a variety of research studies of any level of specificity. To find more information on qSample’s Mobile Panel, click here

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